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Monday, January 6, 2014

Welcome 2014 ^^


Dah lama x sentuh blog ni ^^

2014 dah sampai..

Life Change..a lot of changes happen in 2013..
I am finally got married and the great 2013's date is 25th October ^^.

2013 ^^
25th October 2013 ^^ ..the unforgettable date...

Baju nikah peach beige.. Jahit sendiri je lace dengan beading ^^

Nice Emerald Green and Champagne color..love this dress so much...^^

With my lovely girls... they help me a lot for my wedding ^^


 My love family ^^
My love abah, mak, nina, pyan & nadia

Hubby's family ^^

2014 ^^

Starting new hobby...hopefully... ^^

And this is my first start ^^

Pandan Cheese Cake Leleh with Blueberry toping ^^

Terliur na...huhu

It's Yummy..and it's Green ^^



zaida said...

wit wit...moh kita start berblogging...

Zira Aziz said...

...kejap je ms berlalu.. :)